Dunvegan North Oilfield Services ULC

Company Profile

Incorporated in March 1999, Dunvegan North Oilfield Services Ltd. And it’s affiliate Biegel Backhoe Services Ltd. have been in the Oil & Gas Industry for the past 15+ years. As a result of Corporate Structural changes in June 2007 the new Company name is now Dunvegan North Oilfield Services ULC. All aspects of Pipeline & Facility Construction, as well as Lease & Road Building, Construction & Maintenance have not changed.

Dunvegan North Oilfield Services ULC is an experienced; full service contractor that has made a long term commitment to service clients to the utmost by means of efficient personnel and up to date equipment. By offering experienced, safety oriented personnel; we provide quality work, with maximum concern for safety and the environment. Dunvegan employs qualified local area residents to reduce travel and living costs as well as providing employment and income to area residents. We welcome any inquiries regarding equipment needs, which your company may experience.